nA title of rank; new name after completing the pilgrimage.title of rankBakas maghadjiˈ iye sugaˈ gaˈi kataˈuhanku gellalnen.He went on the pilgrimage but I don’t know his title (his new name).
vginellalTo be given a title, to be titled.Papuˈku ley ginellal weˈ meˈ aˈahin imam.My late grandfather was titled Imam by the people.14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations

bahiˈ1 2 elder
bilal assistant to imam
datuˈ traditional leader
hadjiˈ title for anyone who has made the pilgrimage, a new name after a hadj is also a gellal
hatib title in mosque
imam leader of a mosque
jeneral general
kapitan captain, in barangay, military, or ship
kunsihal barangay official, councilor
liyutenan lieutenant
mahadja a title in religious court
panglima person who judges minor cases
sultan king
tininti lieutenant
uwangkayaˈ title in mosque, helps to judge