nScissors.scissorsHāpguntingin pagtabas amban oroˈ. Geypeddiˈ tangante.Scissors are better for cutting cloth than a knife. One’s hand doesn’t hurt.laˈit20.1ToolsTools


nHaircutting ceremony; name-giving ceremony.haircutting ceremony; name-giving ceremonyIt is usually a big occasion. Many people attend and much food is provided. A special
type of song at the paggunting is the barajanji.
Kaˈekkahannen bang anak panganayen lami teˈed pagguntingin.Most people have a very big haircutting ceremony for their firstborn child.
vmagguntingTo have a haircutting ceremony.Bulan dembuwaˈ pe siye maggunting.The next month they will have the haircutting ceremony.getteb