adjGood (quality of things and moral character).good; nice; pretty; beautifulHāp addatnen.His customs are good.Hāpkinakan hayepin tuˈu.The food of the animals is good here.pettendupanggaˈihāp


adjNice; pretty; beautiful (of the appearance of s.t.).Hāp lumaˈnun.Your house is nice/beautiful.Hāpdendeaˈa iyan.That girl is good looking.himpitmannis(an)lingkatdebbes


vTo like s.t.; be pleased with s.t.like s.t., to; pleased, to be... withKahāpanku si olosnun.I like your sarong. (I am pleased with your sarong.)sinnasiddik2(ka)sulut(an)

bale2 good, nice
gām good situation, well off
hatul to fix, repair, make good
himpit beautiful, even featured
lingkat beautiful, pretty
luˈuy melodious, pleasant
mannis beauty, beautiful
mustajab good, edifying
palmanis a spell to make good
petten well-behaved
tanam good, nice, comfortable
tanul well-behaved; helpful
tigtu good with s.t., neat, tidy
untul1 in good state, mended, repaired
untul2 morally good, upright


vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)To make up after a quarrel; to reconcile people.make up after a quarrel; quarrel, make up after; reconcile, toBakas billaˈi ku mahāp iye si saweˈnen.I was there reconciling her to her companion.Pahāpkuiye si samanen.I reconciled him to his father.

maghāp (magkahāp)

vTo reconcile (of quarreling parties).reconciled, to beMagkahāpneaˈa bakas magsasaˈin.The people who quarreled are reconciled now.Kuweˈitumaghāpnesiye.Now they are reconciled.kumaghāpsiye.I will go (in order that) they may be reconciled.


vpahāpTo improve s.t.; make s.t. better.better, make s.t.; improve, toPahāpun kahinang lumaˈnun.Make the building of your house better.Pahāp-hāpne addatnen.He has improved/made better his behavior.
vpahāp(see pahāp2)To decorate s.t., make s.t. look nice (as the face, hands and feet of a bride).


conj(see kahāp-hāp)Instead of.