adjTo be out of breath (because of exhaustion).No difference whether affixed with -in- or not.breath, to be out ofGeypekumanganīˈpekuhinapus.I won’t eat yet; I am still out of breath.Metuˈuhingaˈiiyetantuhapus lumengngan, kuweˈitu mura ne iye hapus.Formerly he did not get out of breath very much when walking; now he easily gets out of breath.pekkeng


vmaghapusTo have difficulty breathing; to be out of breath (because of sickness).Geyiye tapaghinang bohat peggeˈ maghapus iye.He can’t work hard because he has difficulty breathing.Metuˈuhinmaghapus si Totoˈ peggeˈ kiput koˈ pagnapasannen.Formerly Totoˈ had difficulty breathing because his respiratory tract was reportedly narrow.hongat12.12Adjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sicknessAdjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sickness


vsubjectpa-To overwork s.t., cause s.o. to be out of breath.Bangkew madjaˈ, daˈa pahapusun kābewin.When you plow don’t overwork the carabao.