prepDirection to; towards.direction to; towardsHaraplumaˈkusumudde.I will go (towards) home the day after tomorrow.hap


vsubjectpa-, mag- (recip.)To face s.t.face s.t.Paharapku si iye.I turn to face her.Magharap kite.We face each other.Banghumaraptennun, tennunnehadja.If one faces weaving, one only weaves (does nothing else).kisaltayikut


nThe front of s.t.front of s.t.; genitals; private partsPagdekdakanin si bukut lumaˈ, pantalanin si harapan lumaˈ.The washhouse is at the back of the house, (and) the porch is in the front of the house.bukut1
neuph.Private parts; genitals (of male and female).If together with possessive pronoun the external genitals are understood.Daˈakew magkuwantang duk gaˈi takite harapannun.Don’t take your clothes off so that your private parts won’t be seen.