vsubjectpa-, mag-#-an (repet.)voluntary-um-, Cew- (repet.)To fall over, topple, drop down.fall over; topple; drop downTo fall from upright position, not leaving surface, deliberately, to let oneself drop
Hebbaˈ kayuhin weˈ baliyu.The tree fell because of the wind.Pahebbaˈ salikun diyataˈ tilam.My little brother drops on the mattress.Weˈeybeolom iyan luwal maghebbaˈan?Why is that post always falling over?Hewhebbaˈkupeggeˈlareg lānin.I repeatedly fell because the trail was slippery.kuppadekdak2lengkihiˈ1puwad


vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)To make s.t. fall over, topple, throw down s.t. (that is standing).Tabanganun ku maghebbaˈ sapiˈ.Help me to throw the cow down.Hebbaˈte nekew.I will topple you.kusu1kuppalukbuˈ