nThe fringe, edge or periphery of s.t. (esp. as of a storm, epidemic or smell).Only a mild version of s.t. can be perceived. Said also of a draft of air created
by a pocket of reduced air pressure behind a moving object. A faint but pervasive
fringe (of storm, sickness, etc.); periphery (of storm); smell (faint)Iyeneininhemiyubadju Manilaˈin.This is the fringe of a typhoon in Manila.Taˈūkku hemiyu ilang-ilangin (atawa basurahin).I can smell a whiff of the ilang-ilang flower (or garbage).5.3Weather and natural calamitiesWeather and natural calamities12.12Adjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sicknessAdjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sickness
v. statkahemiyuhanTo be affected somewhat by the fringe of a wind or sickness; to have a touch of sickness.Dumaˈinduiyesakiteˈedkahemiyuhanhadja.He is not really sick; (he) only has a touch of it.