nRope; strong string.rope, a; string (strong)Bellihanun kite ingket peggeˈ gantiˈte ingket kābew.Buy us a rope, because we have to change the rope of the carabao.20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag- (pl.)object-anTo tie s.t.; to tether s.t.tie, to; tether, toIningketan kābewin dem kalahingan.The carabao is tied in the coconut grove.Tiyaˈkungingketkābew si lugluban.I am off to tie the carabao at the water hole.dagtel32WAYS OF TYING THINGSWAYS OF TYING THINGS

bannang thin thread for tying s.t.
ingket rope
lubid cord, twisted rope
lupis abaca fiber not yet twisted
nayilon nylon rope or string
pintal strings on a kite
string, wire or thin stick for carrying
tondaˈ string for flying kites, fishing line