nScraps (of cloth); small pieces (of cloth, banana leaf, or paper).scraps (of cloth etc.)Ekkairis-irislaˈi si paglaˈitan.There are lots of scraps at the sewing place.gīs(-gīs)23.3Things used in sewingThings used in sewing
vsubjectN-, mag-To cut s.t. into small pieces (with a knife or scissors, esp. of cloth, banana leaf,
and paper).
cut s.t. (into small pieces)Irisundawenuyatinin hinangte suwit.Cut this banana leaf in small pieces; we will make it into small plates.Banggaˈiumabut hinangnu badjuˈ, ngiris kew si tela dembuwaˈ miyaˈan.If (the cloth is) not enough for making a blouse, cut some off that (other) cloth.tabas29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING