pronThird person singular; he, she.‘It’ is usually zero. In transitive serial verb constructions and transitive complement
verb constructions the thrid person singular pronoun is realized as -ne.
he; she; itHaplumaˈneiye.He went home already.Īˈpeiyemangan.She is still eating.Intag libruhin? Laˈi diyataˈ lamisahan.Where is the book? (It is) there on the table.


pronIt, that.that; itIt is often used with other demonstratives. It also occurs in iye-cleft constructions.Iyene miyaˈan. Iye ne iyan. Iye ne ituˈ.It is that (that is that). That is that. It is it (that is it).Iyenekew.It is as you say (you are right).Na, iyenebe. Taman miyaˈan ne hadja pegbissāten bi. Tiyaˈ ne ku hap lumaˈ.Well, that is it. We will end our speaking with that. I am going home now.Weˈeykewhaplumaˈ. Iyene.Why are you going home? That’s why.Iye matekka dibuhiˈin si Dende.It was Dende who arrived last night.