nPlant (any useful plant).plant, usefulAny plant that is of use or is being cultivated can be called this. It is usually
smallish plants or shrubs that are referred to as jambangan.
Hāpbangekkajambangannu si bihinglumaˈ.It is nice if you have many plants at the side of your house.t(in)anemsabet1.11Other plantsOther plants

bāhan vine
bangley straw, stalk
binihiˈ seed for planting
gamut root
isek pith
lambuˈ new shoot, new growth
punglaˈ seedling
sanggiˈ branch of betel nut
seginsing stake supporting climbing plant
sumping flower
tambakoˈ lower part of a new areca palm leaf
tuney thorn