vmagkaˈatFor something to have gone wrong, be broken down (as machinery); to be spoiled, perished
(as harvested fruit); be violated; be destroyed; wrecked, ruined, devastated.
destroy; wreck, to; break down, to; spoil, to; perish; ruin, to; devastate; go wrongTiggelkami si lān peggeˈ magkaˈat jīp kamihin.We were on the road a long time because our jeep broke down.Magkaˈatne mangganen, buhuk ne peggeˈ tiggel inennaˈ.Her mangoes are spoiled; they are rotten because they have been stored a long time.Ilahihan dendehin weˈ lella bu magkaˈat.The girl was abducted by a man and violated.Magkaˈatlahat kamihin peggeˈ niyaˈ meˈ mundu patennaˈ laˈi.Our village has been discredited because there are rebels living there.untul11
vpakaˈatTo spoil, be ruined (during the process of ripening (fruit) or making (rice cakes)).If one item gets ruined it is magkaˈat; if all is ruined, it is gaˈi manjari. If many items of many others are ruined, it is pakaˈat. If it occurs in the reason clause, it takes the 3rd person sg. pron.Ekkapakaˈatbuwaˈmangga miyaˈan.Many of those mangoes rotted (and dropped off before they were ripe.)Kulangne jāhin peggeˈ ekka pakaˈatne. (Ekka pakaˈat jāhin hangkan hep kulang.)There are few rice cakes because many were ruined (in the process of making them).Ubusun ne kinakan iyan duk hadja gaˈi tapakaˈat.Finish up that food, just so that it won’t be wasted.
vpakaˈatsubjectN-, mag-object-anTo destroy s.t., to wreck s.t.; misuse, waste, ruin, demolish, devastate; use black
Weˈeypakaˈatannu badjuˈnun? Putukannu lengngennen.Why are you ruining your blouse? You are cutting off its sleeves.Nakanak iyan luwal magpakaˈat sīn.That child always wastes money (uses it for worthless things).Gaˈikajari inurungan kinakan nakanak iyan paˈekka peggeˈ iyuˈ makaˈat.That child cannot be given much food because he wastes it.Pinakaˈatan weˈ ne saweˈnen duk elimuˈ supaya matey.He destroyed his companion with supernatural knowledge (by black magic) so that he died.mulahinang1(-hinang)