vsubjectpa-, mag-#-an (repet.)To lie on one’s front or stomach.lie on one’s front or stomachDaˈakewpakapangbangkewtuli.Don’t lie on your stomach when you sleep.Weˈeykewluwalmagkapangan, ine problemanun?Why are you always lying on your stomach; what is your problem?bākhayaˈ


v-um-, Cew- (repet.)accidentallyTo fall flat on one’s stomach (getting hurt).fall on stomach, hurtingKumapangkulaˈi si boheˈ peggeˈ lareg batuhin.I fell flat on my stomach there at the well because the stones were slippery.kuppa


vsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)object-anTo jump at s.t. (in order to catch, horn, fight).jump at s.t.Kapanganunnemanuk iyan.Jump at that chicken (and catch it).Magkapang kābewin.The carabaos jump at each other (horn each other).Gaˈikajarikābew iyan iningketan si bihing lān peggeˈ iyuˈ ngapang.That carabao cannot be tied at the side of the road because he jumps at (others).tugpaˈ