vngeggilTo be very dry, dried out (of soil, trees, fish, clothes hung up to dry); dessicated.dry, very; dried outNgeggil bulakin peggeˈ gaˈ bakas ulan.The soil is dried out because it has not rained.tohoˈleggiˈtigang
vpakeggilsubjectN- (part), mag- (whole)To dry s.t. very well; desiccate, dehydrate food items (usually only of dried fish).dry very well; desiccate; dehydratePakeggilundahuˈsempinaˈ iyan maki ennaˈun.Dry that dried-fish very well before storing it.Makeggilkewkenna iyan sinduwe.Dry some of that fish.Gaˈpeiyepitupeggeˈīˈpeiyemagpekeggil kennane.He hasn’t come yet because he is still drying his fish.