nHair.hairBayaˈ ku kulinut kōkkun.I want my hair to be curly.

bulu kōkHair on the head.bulu11.7HairHair26.4Nouns used in connection w/ hairNouns used in connection w/ hair3

nFront of any conveyance.front of jeep; spring of waterNingkoloˈ laˈi iye si kōk jīp.He is sitting there in the front (seat) of the jeep.mundaˈ1buliˈ18.2Parts of motor vehiclesParts of motor vehicles


nSource, spring of water.Lumaˈkun tapit si kōk boheˈ.My house is near the source of the creek.tindakan


nThe head-end (of the house, bed etc.); upriver (towards its source).Kōkan lumaˈ is always the longer wall of a house facing south or west and is opposite the doorway.
(In a mosque the alcove is on the narrow side of the building and facing west. This
is also called kōkan.)
upriver; head of house or bedBangkew magtanem sayul, laˈi kew si antag kōkan lumaˈ.When you plant vegetables, do it there near the head of the house.Bangmimbal asal subey si kōkan langgal.The alcove should really be at the head of the mosque.Landesulan amban kōkan boheˈ.There was strong rain upriver.Bettadun uˈan iyan laˈi si kōkan kamanu.Place that pillow there at the head of your bed.tindakan19.5Other, types of houses and carpentryOther, types of houses and carpentry