nA kind of unseen being (often harmful to people).They are said to live in strangler fig trees nunuk or other huge trees (daˈu or kumpang) which are grown over with vines. Reportedly they can cause harm to human beings
and especially tend to hide children. There are male, female, and children. The women
have thick, long hair. If there is a lot of sickness going around, sometimes people
will bring offerings (lamas) to big stones or trees, so that the kokok will no longer bother them. They are often referred to just as people. e.g. ‘That
tree has people living in it.’
unseen beingKayu mahadje miyaˈan, niyaˈ kokok patennaˈ diyataˈne.That big tree has unseen beings living in it.Nakanak miyaˈan bakas tapukan kokok.That child has been hidden in the past by unseen beings.sumangataˈa (gaˈi takite)14.1Supernatural beings and apparitionsSupernatural beings and apparitions
v. statkinokokTo be affected by unseen beings.Kinokokaˈa iyan, kuweˈ aˈa binalew.That person is affected by unseen beings; he is like a crazy person.