v. statTo be well (after sickness).well (be after sickness)Bakas ilemmun iye, kuweˈitu koleˈ ne.He had a fever; now he is well already.Gaˈiiyekoleˈ lumengngan.He is not well (enough) to walk.gām2kawuliˈ12.12Adjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sicknessAdjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sickness


adj(see takoleˈ-koleˈ)To be well-behaved (of children).behaved, well; well-behavedUsually with a negative.Hāpnakanak iyan binoˈo-boˈo peggeˈ takoleˈ-koleˈ du.That child is good to be taken along because he is well-behaved.Nakanak iyan gey takoleˈ-koleˈ.That child is not well-behaved.asipkaˈasangan