adjFew; little; lacking.few; little; lackingKulangne sīnku.My money is lacking. (I don’t have enough, or: I have little money.)Kulang sinsilyukun.I have (only) a few coins.#/#I have little change.Kulangboheˈdemkupungbangbeytupangellew.There is little water in the well in dry season.Kulangdem kōknen.He is lacking in his head (i.e. he is stupid or crazy).kuˈahatlabiekka
nkulang-kulangLack of intelligence.lack of intelligenceAˈa miyaˈan, niyaˈ kulang-kulangne.That person has a lack (in the head).

ahat little
apat-apat very little, of livelihood
imbab stupid, lacking in head
kabus little, run out, gone (almost)
katuk lacking in the head
kulang little, few, lacking
kuˈahat little
luggaˈ lessen, decrease
ngayuˈ-ngayuˈ decimated, few left
sobang-sobang lacking in intelligence


nReduction in price.reduce priceGaˈneniyaˈkulangne dagangannu iyan?Is there no reduction in (the price of) your trading goods?
vkulanganTo reduce the price of s.t.Kulanganunduhalgaˈ dagangannu iyan.Reduce the price of those trading goods of your’s.


vpa-To grow less, to decrease, to recede, go down (as level of water).grow less; decrease; recede; go down (level of s.t.)Pakulang-kulangnepanas kōknen.The hotness of his head (fever) is growing less.Mangkin kite palabey bang pakulang ne boheˈin.We will pass by when the water has receded.Laboˈan lahingku iyan gey isab pakulang gey isab palabi amban duwe ngibu.The yield of my coconuts does not grow less than, nor exceed, two thousand (pesos).hilang


advApproximately, more or less.more or less; approximatelyIt is not used a lot. Usually one would express it with ‘almost’ or ‘more than’ etc.Kulang-labineku duwen tahun tuˈu.I have been here more or less two years now.meˈ2