vsubjectmag-#-an (repet.), Cew-For s.t. to fall, drop.fall, to; drop, toLaboˈ lahingin.The coconut fell.duddagpagpaglengkihiˈ1mānasdekdak2Cew-


vsubjectN-, mag-To throw s.t. down, drop s.t.throw s.t. down; drop s.t.Daˈakaˈammaglaboˈseggit amban diyataˈ lumaˈ.Don’t throw rubbish down from the house.Ngalaboˈkusīndemtahik.I dropped money into the sea.Laboˈunmeyong iyan iyuˈ luwal magsabul.Throw that cat out; he makes everything dirty.teppad


vsubjectpa-, magpa-#-an (repet.)To jump down.jump downPalaboˈ meyongin amban diyataˈ lumaˈ.The cat jumped down from the house.Lumaboˈku amban tendewan peggeˈ tinalew.I jumped from the window because I was afraid.Magpalaboˈan mākanakin magdem limbu.The children keep jumping into the pool.tugpaˈ


vsubjectka-#-an, mag-To have a miscarriage; to have an abortion.miscarriage, to have a; abortionDende iyan bakas maglaboˈ.That woman had an abortion (intentionally).Bakas kalaboˈan dende miyaˈan baˈahu.That woman had a miscarriage recently.(ka)lawaˈ(an)


nThe yield (of coconuts only).yield of coconutsLaboˈan lahingku iyan gey isab pakulang gey isab palabi amban duwe ngibu.The yield of my coconuts is normally around 2000 pesos (lit. does not grow less than nor exceeds
two thousand).