nCoconut.Cocos nuciferacoconut; coconut palmkew norok lahing.Go and cut coconuts.Piyek kayuˈ lahingnen?How many pieces of coconut does he have?1.1.2Trees, fruitTrees, fruit


nCoconut palm; land planted with coconuts.Langkewlahing miyaˈan.That coconut tree is tall.Piyem poˈon lahingnen?How many coconut palms does he have?Luhalahingnen.His land with coconuts is extensive.

poˈon lahing

nCoconut palm (lit. the source of the coconut).The coconut palm is not classified as a tree, but as an item by itself. Normally the
palm is referred to just as lahing but the compound is used to state unambiguously that the palm is being talked about.

lahingan, kalahingan

nCoconut grove.Aˈa iyan luha lahingannen.The coconut grove of that person is extensive.10.5Nouns used in connection w/ coconutsNouns used in connection w/ coconuts

bulan yellow variety
kappal small, green variety
kokoped (cocofed, a dwarf variety promoted by Cocofed)
limbaˈ reddish, orangy variety

tayiˈ lahing

nFinal residue, solid matter (left when coconut milk is cooked down to oil).oil, residue in makingĀnanun ne tayiˈ lahing isellan iyan.Remove the solid matter from that oil.akalgemmiˈ