nUnit of counting (for thin, long, or wide objects, as sheets of paper, paper money,
metal, plywood); leaf or page (of book); strand (of hair); piece (of thread).
page; sheet of s.t.; hair, strand of; counting, unit ofMelli ku palaywūd da lamba.I buy one sheet of plywood.Urunganun be ku tengaˈ lamba kātas panulatanku.Give me one half sheet of paper for me to write on.Gaˈneniyaˈ talebbi kōkkun bisan da lamba.I have no hair left, not even one strand.

Da lamba kōk saˈ ku gaˈ ku laboˈ.A hair’s breadth more and I would have fallen.tilassulat7.5Units in countingUnits in counting