adjHeavy, hard (of water, rain); strong (of current, heartbeat); busy (of road).heavy (of rain); hard (of rain); strong (current, heartbeat); busy (road)Bakas ulan ensiniˈ, iyuˈ landes ne boheˈ kupungin.It rained earlier; the well has now a heavy (flow of) water.Landesne ulanin, daˈa dahuˈ kite bi duwaˈi.It is raining hard; let’s not go out yet.Landes kebba-kebbanun hatu kew betteng.The throbbing of your heart is strong; perhaps you are pregnant.Landesselleg boheˈin.The current of the river is strong.Nuhut lān landes kew hadja.Just go by the busy trail. (It is also wide because many people go there.)basag