nFerry, medium sized boat (for passengers and cargo).Like the ferries from Zamboanga to Isabela. They carry about 300 people plus cargo.
Barter trade boats are also lansa. They used to be built from wood. Now the hull is usually steel.
ferry; boat (passenger and cargo)Daˈakew magdayan-dayan duk tasaˈutnu lansahin.Don’t be slow so that you will catch the ferry.Lakkeslansahap Sabahin.The boat to Sabah is fast.


nA small ship (in appearance like a ferry).It is sometimes called a tempel, or confused with one.ship, smalltempel6.1Types of boats and shipsTypes of boats and ships

balandaˈ fishing boat with mast, vinta
bangkaˈ motorized canoe without outrigger
bewutu outrigger, paddled (1-5 people)
bintaˈ outrigger, paddled
kappal large ship passenger or cargo
kulibu fishing vessel (jeep engines)
kumpit interisland vessel
lansa ferry boat (approx. 300 people)
nabal naval boat
pambot motorized outrigger canoe (about 10 people)
tempel interisland boat (50 people)