vsubjectN-, mag-To cut (some tall weeds and underbrush).cut underbrush, to; clear land of underbrushUnderbrush and tall weeds are cut and placed on the shorter weeds to smother their
growth. It is done in coconut groves, coffee groves, rubber plantations, etc.
Tiyaˈkudahuˈngalapa si bulakku miyaˈan.I will go first to cut some (of the underbrush) on my land.Kahabaˈellewiyemaglapa si bulakne.Every day he goes to cut some (weeds) on his land.
vsubjectN-#-anobject-anTo clear land (of tall weeds and underbrush).Īˈneiyengalapahan bulakne.He is there clearing his land (of weeds).Lapahanne bulaknen duk tellang lahingnen.He clears his land (of underbrush) so that his coconut grove is clear.labaslilik8.4Verbs used in connection w/ agricultureVerbs used in connection w/ agriculture29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING