adjFirm, tight (of s.t. shut, closed, or embedded).firm (of s.t. shut, embedded); tight (of s.t. shut, embedded); stuckLapakneū bekokonun.The handle of your knife is firm already.Gaˈlapak panambelku unsud-unsudin.I did not close the drawer firmly. (lit. My closing of the drawer is not firm.)haget
v. statlumapakFor s.t. to be stuck.Tiyaˈnegaˈi takoleˈku ngaluka unsud-unsud inin peggeˈ tiyaˈ ne lumapak manamal.I am unable to open this drawer because it is stuck.Lumengngan kite; tiyaˈ kite sōng lumapak.We went out; we are about to be stuck (figurative for unable to return).
vsubjectN-#-anobject-anTo push or drive s.t. into s.t.Like nail in wood, plug in outlet, drawer in its place, knife in sheath, key in lock.push s.t. into s.t.; drive s.t. into s.t.Niyaˈngalapakan kandaruhin bu gaˈ niyaˈ kunsiˈne.Someone pushed the lock shut and there is no key for it.Lapakanunū bessiku iyan duk gaˈi mura tagsuˈ.Push the handle of my knife in so that it will not easily come off.
vpalapaksubjectN-To do s.t. firmly or tightly; drive s.t. into s.t. (all the way).Palapakunbang tambelnu gawang iyan.When you shut that door do it firmly.Palapakunlansang iyan duk gaˈi tadiˈikte.Drive that nail in so that we will not step on it.Niyaˈmalapak gawangin bu hunit iluka.Someone shut the door tightly and it is difficult to open.lagpak219.6Verbs used in connection w/ carpentryVerbs used in connection w/ carpentry