vsubjectpa-, mag-To move or shift (to another piece of work).shift to other work; move over to other workWeˈeykewpalatunpitubugaˈpe ubus si kaˈuhin.Why do you shift to here and what’s more you haven’t finished your (work) yet.Maglatunsiyepeggeˈ ubus ne si siyehin.They moved over (to another place of work) because they finished theirs (weeding).
vmaglatun-latunTo go from one to another (experience or person).go from one to another (experience, person)Dende iyan luwal maglatun-latun lella.That woman goes from one man to another.Maglatun-latun kasusehanden.They go from one trouble to another.pindalinda


vsubjectN-, mag-#-in- redup. (recip.)To help s.o. (often with s.o. else’s work).help with work, toPitukungalatunkaˈu.I have come to help you.Maglatun-ilatunsaˈkite bibangniyaˈne ubus dehellu.We will help each other if one finishes earlier (than the other).Latununsaˈkubang ubus kinellunun dehellu.Help me if you finish your weeding first.tabang