adjDried out; stiff, hard (as fish dried or fried too hard).dried out; hard; stiff; die (vulgar)Leggiˈ sempinaˈin weˈ ellew.The dried fish is stiff from the sun.Bangiye magpiritu kenna leggiˈ manamal.When she fries fish it is very hard.tohoˈkeggiltuwas

Sōng leggiˈ kew.You will soon be stiff. (May you die.)Used as a vulgar idiom. Used mainly as a curse when one is angry at a person: May
you be stiff.
Weˈeypekewgaˈi iyan leggiˈ?Why haven’t you died yet? (Oath wishing death.)Batang leggiˈ kew hangkan kew gaˈi usaˈ si mata kalsara?Do you want to die? Is that why you don’t move off the middle of the road?