vsubjectN-#-an, mag- + redup. (recip.)object-anTo try to surpass (one’s companions in what one possesses); to outdo s.o.; to “keep
up with the Joneses” (and do a little better still).
surpass in possessions, to want to; outdo s.o.Geyhāpbang kite ngalindihan saweˈte.It is not good if we try to surpass our companions.Maglindi-lindiaˈa Badjaˈin maghinang lumaˈ.The people of Badja try to outdo each other in building houses.Aˈa iyan lindihanne saweˈnen.That person tries to surpass his companions.Gaˈiku mabayaˈ kalindihan, bang niyaˈ bellide melli ku isab.I don’t like to be surpassed; if they buy something I also buy it.diyataˈ(an)