vFor s.t. to be trampled down; walked over (of s.t. on the ground or floor).trample down; walk over; thresh with feetLosak paleyin peggeˈ ekka aˈa palabey.The rice is trampled down because many people walked on it.Losak parangin weˈ kābewin.The cogon grass was trampled down by the carabao.
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo trample down, walk over s.t.; to thresh by trampling.Daˈalosakanunpabākan aˈahin.Don’t walk over the sleeping place of a person.Tiyaˈkungalosakanpaley si Inaˈ.I am about to trample out (thresh) the rice of Mother.Maglosakpaleyluˈukaˈamdiyataˈsemento iyan.Thresh the rice there on that concrete.diˈik