nString, cord (of twisted fiber or thread); a strand (of a rope).string, a; strand of rope; cordIngketinintellulubidnen.This rope has three strands.Ennaˈun lubid inin.Store this string.ingket20.8Other, implementsOther, implements
vsubjectN-, mag-To twist (strands of hemp, yarn or vine to make a rope or cord).twist making ropeLubidunakuingketinin.Twist this into a rope for me.Aˈa iyan maglubid bāhan baka pagingket manuk.That person twisted the fibers of abaca to tie a chicken.Ngalubidkewbāhanbulaˈ-bulaˈ hinang ingket.Twist the bulaˈ-bulaˈ vine into rope.