vsubjectN-, mag-To immerse (except the head), to wallow (of carabao in water or mud).Used also of children or people when covered in mud for any reason.wallow, to; immerse in mudMagluglubne kābewin.The carabao is wallowing.Sinna kābewin ngaluglub.The carabao likes to wallow.8.9Concerning farm animalsConcerning farm animals
vpaluglubsubjectN-, mag-To cause to or let wallow (a carabao), take (the carabao) to wallow.Paluglubun kābewin hap boheˈ.Take the carabao to the water to wallow.Īˈiyemagpaluglub.He is over there letting (the carabao) wallow.Bakas maluglub ne ku.I have taken (the carabao) to wallow already.


nA carabao wallow, water hole.wallow, a; carabao wallowA water- or mudhole for a carabao to wallow in.nekaˈam boˈohun bi kābewin pinadem lugluban.Go and take the carabao to the water hole.