nHouse.houseAmpatbiliklumaˈnen.His house has four rooms.19.1Types of housesTypes of houses
vmaglumaˈTo live (somewhere), to make one’s place (somewhere).Sinnakumaglumaˈdempuweblo.I like to live in town.
vngalumaˈanTo keep going to other people’s houses.Nakanak iyan luwal ngalumaˈan bang ellew.That child always goes to other people’s houses in daytime.
nlumaˈ-lumaˈPlayhouse.playhouseSine mangahinang lumaˈ-lumaˈnu iyan?Who made you that playhouse?
vmaglumaˈ-lumaˈTo play house.Mākanakīˈ, tabahanden luwalmaglumaˈ-lumaˈ.Those children are always playing house.


nA decorated structure maligey with just one story.Hadjepalumaˈ-lumaˈnen panammat iyehin.Her one story maligey was big when she graduated.maligey


nVillage, cluster of houses, houses close together.village; houses close togetherKalumaˈan miyaˈan kuweˈ hidjul ine meˈ aˈanen.In that village the people are very noisy.Ekka meˈ kalumaˈan Badjaˈin, bang Boheˈ Bessey kulang.Badjaˈ has many houses close together, Boheˈ Bessey has few.puweblo

kōkan lumaˈ

nHead-end of the house.One of the longer sides facing to the west or north.

tindakan lumaˈ

nFoot-end of the house.Opposite side of the head of the house. It always has the main door.

hantal proper direction for housebuilding
kōkanlumaˈ facing west or north for most houses
tindakan opposite of kōkan, side for the door

duwaˈi go down from
hawas to burgle a house
lampasu to polish floor
langkat to break in
manaˈik go up into
pahid to sweep
poleˈ to return home