advOften, always, constantly, continually.often; always; constantly; continuallyDaˈakaˈamluwal magsaye.Don’t always laugh.Luwanehadjakami magkakat.We just always have fun.Luwalniyaˈ kinakanne.He continually has food.sigi-sigidaran


conjExcept; only.except; onlyKēmon meˈ mākanakin magdagey luwal si Totoˈ gaˈi.All the children are playing except Totoˈ (only Totoˈ is not.)Kēmonsiye nabuˈ luwal aku mataˈambanin.They all went shopping only I am left behind.Luwalpaleydembikoyonmanukituˈ.There is only rice in the crop of this chicken.bukut3