advVery.veryIt modifies adjectives.Hadjemanamal lumaˈin.The house is very big.Ekkamanamalaˈa.There are very many people.Hāpmanamal badjuˈnen.Her blouse is very nice.Niyaˈaˈaliskut, niyaˈliskutmanamal duk iye liskut manamalan.There are stingy people, there are very stingy people and he is extremely stingy.Aˈa iyan gaˈi du tantu liskut manamal.That person is not so very stingy.teˈed
advmanamal-namal, manamalanExtremely, excessively (superlative of very).It modifies adjectives and verbs.I saw an extremely large fish.Aˈa iyan liskut manamalan.That person is extremely stingy.Aˈa iyan pages manamalan.That person is extremely hard working.Magtāring nakanakin manamal-namal.The child cries excessively.laˈin-laˈinlanduˈtantu1tunggīng