nTime of...; olden times; era.times of old; era; time of...Gaˈniyaˈjīpmasaley.In olden times there were no jeeps.Teggang boheˈin masa pangellew miyaˈan.The water dried up at the time of the last dry season.Gaˈniyaˈkinakanmasa Hapunin.During the era of the Japanese there was no food.jamanmatuˈuhin5.1World and timeWorld and time

masa ewwal

nLong ago; in the distant past.distant past; long agoEkkanabimasa ewwalley.In the distant past there were many prophets.

aˈa masa

nPeople of old.Gaˈitantu magbadjuˈ meˈ aˈa masahin.The people of old did not wear blouses much.