matey(see also patey)1

vTo die; to be dead.dead; die, toMateyne papuˈkun.My grandfather is dead already.Sōng matey aˈa bahiˈ iyan.That old person will soon die.Bakas matey sali si Totoˈ bu ellum balik.Toto’s younger sibling had died (stopped breathing) but he revived.Ubus ne matey saˈi si Biyaˈin.Biya’s mother has died already.bugtanglawaˈpininsantubagtutew(pa)pateyudjulwapatellum12.12Adjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sicknessAdjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sickness13.2Verbs used in connection w/ deathVerbs used in connection w/ death


vmagmateyTo wail (as for the dead).Magmateyiyekamatey saˈinen.She wailed when her mother died.Weˈeybenakanak iyan magmatey?Why is that child wailing?kilahap30WAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKINGWAYS OF SPEAKING AND THINKING