nName of a feast in honor of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.month, name of a; feast in the month of Mawuludsing from the book MawuludIsninMawulud kamihin.Monday we will have our Mawulud celebration.14.8CeremoniesCeremonies14.3Time, monthsTime, months14.7Books and parts of booksBooks and parts of books


nName of a book that is sung from during the above celebration.It is a fairly thin book written in the Arabic language and in Arabic script.NiyaˈMawuludku.I have a (book)Mawulud.
vmagmawuludTo sing or chant from the book Mawulud.Taˈukumagmawulud.I can sing the Mawulud.kalang2


nName of the third month in the Muslim calendar. (Arabic: Rabīˈul Awwal.)It is also called Rabbil Awwal. In this month the Mawulud celebration takes place.Bulan Mawulud ku hap lumaˈ.In the month Mawulud I will go home.bulan114.3Time, monthsTime, months