adjTo be expert (in any field).expert (in any field)Pandeyiye magtayip.She is expert in typing.Pandeyiye maghinang lumaˈ.He is expert in building houses.Pandeyiye palangi.He is expert in swimming.taˈu (manamal)

pandey missā

adjTo be eloquent, be a good speaker.eloquent

pandey mikil

adjTo be wise.wise


nMidwife; mortician, undertaker (a person who prepares a body for burial).midwife; burial, one who prepares for; mortician; undertakerIf one has to differentiate the term pandey maganak is used for a midwife and pandey aˈa matey for a mortician. If women are midwives they have to act as morticians for females
as well. Men only act as morticians for males.
kew ngeddoˈ pandey hatu dende iyan sōng nganak.Go and get the midwife; that woman will probably soon give birth.Ampatpandey mangahatul iyehin kamateynen.Four morticians prepared him at his death.14.2Men, titles, etc., occupationsMen, titles, etc., occupations
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object-anTo act as midwife and mortician.Bangku sōng mandey, mandi ku dahuˈ.When I am going to act as midwife I take a bath first.Akumandeyan iyehin panganaknen.I acted as midwife when she gave birth.Geykubahanimagpandey.I am not bold enough to act as midwife.Pandeyanun andakun bang nganak.Act as midwife for my wife when she gives birth.