vsubjectN-, mag-To bathe; take a bath.bathe; bath, take anekewmandi.Go and take a bath.Magpandilaˈikaˈam si bukut.Take a bath outside.haplaskosoˈ
vsubjectN-, mag-To bathe s.o., give a bath to s.o. (as to a child or an invalid).Pandihuniye.Give him a bath.Bakas iye magpandi nakanak.She has bathed the child.Nakanak iyan taˈu ne mandi saline.That child knows already how to bathe her younger sibling.Pinandiiye weˈ tabib duk tahalaˈ sakinen.He is given a bath by the healer so that his sickness will leave.
vmagpandi-pandiTo take a communal ritual bath.In the month of Sappal on every Wednesday people go to a stream or large body of water to be ritually bathed
by the imam. On the last Wednesday a prayer ceremony also takes place at the side of the water.
All of the bathing takes place in order to wash away any possible disaster magtulak balaˈ.
Bang bulan Sappal magpandi-pandi kami laˈi si tahik.In the month of Sappal we take a ritual bath in the sea.14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship

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