vmanyabutTo say or utter the profession of Muslim faith; to say Arabic phrases as exclamation.profession of faith, to say; exclamation of Arabic phrasesBangniyaˈaˈagaˈikasayu, missāiyegaˈbiddaˈ, paˈinte: manyabut kew.If a person is unconscious and speaks incoherently, one says, “Say the profession of faith.”Bang aˈahin sōng matey, daˈakun iye manyabut.When a person is about to die tell him to say the profession of faith.Sāˈinggepamanyabutnen?What did he say (lit. what was his utterance)?tawubat14.16Verbs used in connection w/ Islamic worshipVerbs used in connection w/ Islamic worship