nPossessions, belongings; things.possessions; belongings; thingsEkkapanyap lumaˈnen.His house has many things.kakayaˈanbalalāpamassak-massikbāngkandagmak120.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items


vsubjectN-, mag-To prepare s.t.; get things ready.prepare s.t.; get things readyMagpanyapiye papīne si pagkawinanin.She prepared herself (with jewelry) when she went to the wedding.Panyapneine-ine ginuna para paghinang lumaˈ.He prepared everything that is used in building a house.Manyapkew andang meˈ kayu pagbella. Bisan kew lumengngan bang niyaˈ ne andang.Get the wood for cooking ready ahead of time. If you have some (ready) beforehand it doesn’t matter if you go out.

Panyap lella; panyap dende.

nPrivate parts of men; private parts of women. (Euphemism.)private parts11.1External body partsExternal body parts