nBasket (generic).basketUsually made of rattan (some made of nuti and with a lid), used for carrying or storing.Isihun sayulin dem parakaˈ.Put the vegetables into the basket.Daparakaˈdu kemuntiˈin.There is certainly one basket full of camotes.bingkel20.5Household implements / itemsHousehold implements / items

alat large, rattan, for carabao sled
ambung large, rattan, for carabao sled
bakaˈ basket of any type
bandiˈ made of coconut leaves, round
gantang basket measure for rice
japang basket, bag made of coconut leaves
lagaˈ3 for storing rice
ligu winnowing basket
lukung large, for storing rice, made of bark
pakuˈ receptacle of pandanus leaves
parakaˈ basket, generic
seyingkat made of coconut leaves
sugub made of coconut leaves
tembusaˈ made of coconut leaves
tempipiˈ made of coconut leaves