nPain, ache.pain; ache; painful; hurtingGeyiye maglengngan peggeˈ niyaˈ peddiˈne.He does not walk because he has a pain.
adjPainful; hurting.Peddiˈ kōkku peggeˈ bakas ku kaˈinusanan.I have a headache (lit. my head is hurting) because I have been hungry.Peddiˈ pusuˈku luwal maglengngan.My calf is painful from always walking.Peddiˈellewdem basakin.The sun is very hot (lit. painful) in the irrigated rice field.dugal(an) 2peddes12.12Adjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sicknessAdjectives and verbs used in connection w/ sickness
vpapeddiˈsubjectN-, mag- (recip.)object-anTo hurt s.o. physically, to inflict pain (often as punishment); to punish.punish; inflict pain; pain, inflict; hurt s.o.Papeddiˈanne nakanakin.He hurt the child.Papeddiˈanne salinen.He punished his younger sibling.Bangkew ngamā, daˈa kew mapeddiˈ.When you are angry don’t inflict pain.Magpapeddiˈsiyebangsiye magsasaˈ.They inflict pain on each other when they quarrel.legga


adjTo be offensive, provocative; to provoke anger (said of speech).offensive (of speech); provocative (of speech); provoke anger (of speech)Bangiyemissā, peddiˈ pinakale.When he speaks it provokes anger to listen to him.Peddiˈ meˈ bissānen peggeˈ inastel iye.His words are provocative because he is angry.(maka)astel

peddiˈ atey

adjTo be angry.angryPeddiˈ ateyku si nakanak iyan, iyuˈ gaˈi takoleˈ-koleˈ.I am angry at that child; he does not obey.Peddiˈ ateyku si aˈa iyan peggeˈ bēkuti-kuti.I am angry at that person because he is always teasing.