v. statTo be open or apart, undone (of things that are normally tied).undone, to come; apart, to comePekkal simbōngkun.My knotted hair has come apart.Magkandit kew bang kew magdikat kaw kew kapekkalan.Use a belt when you wear a wrap around skirt lest it come undone on you.tettas
vsubjectN-For s.t. to open up (as buds).open up; undo s.t.Mekkalne sumpinginThe flowers have opened.
vsubjectN-(-an), mag-object+/-#-an (part/whole)To open up s.t.; to undo or unravel s.t.Tiyaˈkumagpekkal buku tennun.I am undoing the knots in the weaving.Pinekkal(an) weˈ ku laˈit badjuˈkun.I undid the sewing of my blouse.Tiyaˈkumekkalanlaˈit badjuˈku.I am undoing the seam of my blouse.Mekkalkewkarut iyan hinangnu tabid.Unravel that sack; make it into heddle threads.bambalbagbadtaˈup