vsubjectmag-#-an (repet.)To go; go ahead.go; go aheadThe main meaning is ‘motion away from’ the present position of the speaker.neku ngeddoˈ sayul.I will go now to fetch vegetables.nekew.Go now.Pagkami si lumaˈne pinakan kami.When we went to her house we were fed.Magpīhanduku si Manilaˈ.I often go to Manila.Pīhunne, mangannekew.Go ahead; eat now.halupiyusābu22sūng3pitu31WAYS OF WALKINGWAYS OF WALKING
vTo move, hand, take, etc., s.t. to s.o.Pīhunnakanak iyan si Inaˈ.Hand that child to Mother.Pīhun si iye tehompaˈnen.Take his shoes to him.
vpapīsubjectN-, mag-To put or place s.t. somewhere.put s.t. somewherePapīku kennahin dem selopen.I put the fish into the plastic bag.Mapīkennakudemkupung.I put fish in the well (to raise them).Īˈiyemagpapīsayuldemparakaˈ.She is over there putting vegetables into the basket.Papīhunnakanak iyan diyalem.Put the child inside.isi1sōng4


nDestination or place one goes to or has been.destinationSinepapīhanne si Manilaˈin?Who did he go to in Manila?Antag ingge papīhannun laˈi si puweblo?Where exactly is your destination (the place you are going to) there in town?


vsubjectmag-To go back and forth.go back and forthGeyiye patennaˈ, luwal iye magpī-pitu.He doesn’t stay in one place much; he always goes back and forth.Jīpin hap puweblohin luwal magpī-pitu.The jeep to town always goes back and forth.


advBack and forth.back and forthAˈa iyan luwal magboˈo bag pī-pitu.That person always carries a bag back and forth.Magpasahero jīpin pī-pitu.The jeep carries passengers back and forth.