vsubjectN-, mag-For s.t. to change.Pindabantukaˈa iyan.The appearance of that person has changed.Minda bantuknen peggeˈ kadāhitan iye.His appearance changed because he is frightened.Magpindaaddat aˈahin bang dayahan ne.The customs of a person change when he is rich.halinkisal2saliyu
vsubjectN-, mag-To change s.t., move s.t. (in its entirety to another place); transfer.move s.t.; transfer s.t.; change s.t.Mindasapiˈneku.I am going to change the cow now (to a different place).Bakas ne ku magpinda kābew.I have already moved the carabao.Pindaku lumaˈkun si bihing kalsara.I moved my house to the side of the road.lindakibadlatunsalin