vFor s.t. to tear; to come undone (of a seam).tornPitas lowang teyingenen.The hole in her ear (for an earring) is torn.Pitasnedembiyaˈkellong badjuˈnen.One side of the neckline of his shirt is coming undone.Kapitasaniye weˈ pungluˈ diyataˈ lengngenne.He was torn (superficially) on his arm by a bullet.
vsubjectN-, mag-To tear s.t.tear, toMitasiyekenna amban diyataˈ tolohanne.He tore a fish from the string (it was on).Daˈane tabasun tela iyan pitasun hadja.Don’t cut that cloth just tear it.Magpitas semmek iye.She tears cloth.garet