nYearly contribution to the imam (one’s parents-in-law or to one’s midwife).contribution to imamIt is normally given during or at the end of the month of fasting. Or else it can
be given at the worship time for the month of Hadjiˈ. In former times anything might be given. (In 1997 it was about 50 pesos or 25 to
30 pesos plus rice.) It is considered as a kind of head tax. Mothers with small children
pay their pitlaˈ to the midwife until the child is three years of age. Newly married people may give
it to their respective parents-in-law. Children may give it to their guru.
Piyesīnpitlaˈnun?How much is your contribution?14.9Offerings, gifts, tithesOfferings, gifts, tithes
vsubjectmag-To pay the yearly contribution to the imam.Subey kew magpitlaˈ bang sambahayang Puwase.You have to pay the contribution at the worship at the end of Ramadhan.jakatsarakka