vsubjectmag-#-an (repet.)To come, come here.The main meaning is ‘motion in the (present) direction of (i.e. towards)’ the speaker.come here; comeGaˈkewpitudiˈilew.You did not come yesterday.Pitukusumu.I will come tomorrow.Luwalkumagpituhan.I always keep coming here.Gaˈkutuˈupapitunen.I was not here when he came.Sinepapituhannun?Who are you coming here for?dayiˈ2piyu31WAYS OF WALKINGWAYS OF WALKING
vpapitusubjectN-, mag-To send, give, pass or bring s.t.send s.t.; pass s.t. to s.o.; give s.t.; bring s.t.Pituhun si aku pinsil iyan.Give me (pass me) that pencil.Tuhunne si aku badjuˈnu iyan.Give that blouse of yours to me now.Pitune si aku sīnnen.She gave her money to me (for safe keeping).Papituhunne si aku sinsimku iyan.Give me that ring of mine.Papitukuiye ngeddoˈ kaˈam.I sent him to fetch you.Mapitusaˈkumākanak duk niyaˈ nabangan kaˈam.I will send the children so that someone will help you.Mapitusīnku si kaˈu.I will bring money to you (to keep or to buy s.t. for me).Nakanak iyan luwal magpapitu sīn si aku.That child always gives money to me (to keep for him).