polongpōng(see also dempōng)

nSection or end of s.t. (as if cut crosswise, of fruit, wood, house, etc.)section of s.t. (cut crosswise); end (part) of s.t.Piyem pōng kapayahin?How many sections (are there) of the papaya?Urunganun ku tebbunu iyan tellum pōng.Give me three sections of your sugarcane.Tulilaˈiku si dem pōng.I sleep there at one end.Tapeddangne kukkunen dem pōng.She cut off one end of her fingernail.
v. statFor s.t. to break (crosswise).Polong lengngennen peggeˈ laboˈ iye.His arm is broken because he fell.Pōng dalumkun peggeˈ tuwas ilaˈitkun.My needle broke because what I am sewing is hard.tigpuˈ
vsubjectN-, mag-To cut or break s.t. (crosswise).cut crosswise; break crosswiseNiyaˈmōng kennahin.Someone cut the fish.Pinōng weˈ ne kapayahin pinaˈampat.He has cut the papaya into four (sections crosswise).Magpōngkayukuensiniˈ.I chopped wood earlier.pataˈ3pagtiˈseppaksagpiˈkepak29WAYS OF CUTTINGWAYS OF CUTTING